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Social Media via Ditso helps you master social media marketing to generate leads, increase profits and improve your brand image online.

Almost every company has a presence on social media these days and if they don't they certainly need to think seriously about starting one!

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Sadly though of the companies who currently have some social media presence the vast majority are failing to get the best from it and in some cases they are actually hurting their companies image.

You would be surprised how many firms have home page links on their websites to a variety of different social media accounts but these accounts have been dormant since they were originally set up or just abandoned after a few half hearted attempts at posting on them.

What we Offer

At Ditso we are experts in Social Media Management for business owners. With our help we can turn your online presence into an "Online Brand" by properly promoting your company via Social Media.

When Ditso run your Online Social Media Management our aim is to draw traffic to your professional brand online with a process that is built around our goal of creating a long-term positive presence for your company.

In the new mobile internet age just having a website isn't nearly enough any-more to promote your brand. To fully maintain a web presence and increase your brand recognition you need to use the professional services of a company such as Ditso to fully utilise social media like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Checkout our 3 Price Package options here and we can also come up with something more bespoke for clients with specific requirement when it comes to social media.

Bringing people together

We offer a FULL Social Media Management (SMM) Service

• Facebook Updates & Responding to Customers
• Google + Updates with SEO in mind
• Pinterest Account Growth & Link Building
• Regular Tweets, Follower Interaction & Growth

We can take over the day to day running of all your social media accounts on your behalf.

Why let us do the work?

More Cost Effective
Our Expertise
Fast Replies to Clients
Expand your Audience
Improve your SEO
Outpace your Competitors
Create Relationships
Increase Brand Awareness

Your consumers talk online, & we can listen to what they are saying for you. Did you know that 70% of customer complaints on Twitter go unanswered by the company concerned which generally makes the complainer even madder and more determined to blacken your company name.

Staggeringly even now during this internet age only one in four companies provide customer service via Facebook.


Do you need SMM?

Well only if you want your company to exist in 10 years’ time.


Testimonial from Tristan Preece (

"We hired Ditso to build our website and asked them to deal with the social media almost as an afterthought. Wow, I'm so glad we did as our online presence has sky rocketed, and we've had so many more website visitors in our first year than we could possibly have hoped for”.


What we aim to do

Our SMM can draw traffic to your website with a process that is built on creating a long-term positive presence for your company.

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