What is Pay Per Click Part 2

This page assumes you have read part 1 of this PPC information if you haven't then I suggest you read it first. Read Part 1 Here.

So the Basics of the PPC Account

On the right hand you can see a close up image of the adverts that were shown down the right hand side when I typed in "garden sheds" in the Google search box.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that not all the ads are the same ones, some but not all. That's because I took the screen shot on this page the day after I took the one shown in part 1 of this guide. (It takes time to research and write all this stuff!)

There are several potential reasons why not all of the ads are the same and I 'll come on to some of those in a minute. When you see a * next to something in a paragraph below you'll know that it might be a reason an ad is no longer visible to me.

Google Adwords Account Set Up

If you wish to have PPC click adverts for your website on Google then you will need an Adwords account. It's from one of those that you pay and run your advert "campaigns".

I'll probably get around to doing a video or a more in-depth piece on "how to set up a Google Adwords account" at some point in the not too distant future but for now I'll just talk about some of the settings rather than actually explaining how to go about it.


Inside your Adwords account you can have as many campaigns as you wish. So the people who are advertising garden sheds in our example here may also sell things like garden furniture, lawn mowers, tree houses, dog kennels, and so on. Therefore they should have a campaign for each unique group of items.

Having just one campaign trying to advertise a huge number of different items is a mistake but I'll come on to "best practise" in a later article.


The setting for this is asking "what kind of devices do you want your adverts shown on?"

By default it will show on all of them not just desk top PC's but also tablets and mobile phones, (Cell phones) like iPhone etc. You should beware of this if your website does not look good on a smaller WAP mobile devices

If converting an old style website that isn't smartphone ready to a new one that works well on mobile equipment is of interest to you then use to "contact us" form and enquire as it's something I can help you with.


This is of HUGE importance and you must get this right. Depending on where you are and where your market is you must set this campaign setting up accordingly.

I've searched for things on the UK Google website and clicked on an ad for what I'm looking to buy, only to find out that it's a USA based company that does not ship abroad. That advertiser has wasted money on a click for someone who can never possibly buy from him. So why was he showing his advert to UK customers you might ask?

Well because he'd not set his account up correctly. If you are truly global then by all means show your advert to the 4 corners of the world but if you only operate in one country make sure your adverts only show in that country.

You can set your campaigns not only for one country but even more specific than that. By State for example in the US or in and around one particular city, and for the UK within a certain radius of any given location.


So for example Birmingham and anywhere within 20 miles of it.

* Now I was in the same location (my office) for both screenshots but if I was in a different place then maybe I wouldn't see the same ads if one of the firms only delivered sheds locally rather than a nationally. 


Fairly straight forward, this gives you option to state what language your ads will be shown in.

Bid Strategy

A little advanced for a beginners guide but in essence this is where you start to indicate how much you are prepared to "pay per click".

It not as straightforward as the one who bids the most is top of the list, but the model is based on an auction model. Though I must stress there are actually some other VERY important factors which decide where you appear in the list and how much you pay.

Which is fortunate for me as it's where my expertise comes in to its own.

*Maybe one of the advertisers reduced their PPC bid down so it was only showing on the 2nd page of Google not page 1.


Here you set your daily budget, and when amount is spent your ads would turn off. It's a useful stop valve to ensure your spending cannot run away with itself. 

* Maybe one of the advertisers had received lots of clicks on its ad earlier and had therefore reached it's budget limit for the day and turned itself off when I took the screen shot.

NB: If your Campaigns/Ads are running profitably it's less likely you would ever want to turn them off. 

Sitelinks and Ad Extensions

Again this is for a later article as it's slightly more in depth.

Ads Scheduling

All ads by default will show 24/7 but you can as you can see in the image below set start and finish times for them. It may be because your call centre is only manned between these hours and all orders are taken over the phone.



*Probably one of the main reasons why an ad might not be there as I took the screenshot after 6.00pm. If your sales process is 100% that they buy online without any human involvement then you can leave them running non-stop but if potential customers have to phone you then it might be wise to turn ads off outside office hours.


I really hope you have found this "beginners guide" on the subject of "what is pay per click" of some real value to you. Please feel free to browse through my other articles on the website and check out my YouTube channel for more information and learning material.

If you have any Q's please use the contact us form on the website I'd be happy to help.

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