Pay Per Click Management Service

Let me turbo charge your Pay Per Click campaigns with my no-holds-barred techniques.

Here at I offer you the opportunity to have a champagne service at lemonade prices. Whilst working for other companies my work has been charged out at an astronomical rate per hour.

Now I've set up on my own you now have the chance to hire me for a fraction of the price.

Special Start up Rates

Once things are up and running I will be charging an hourly rate that more accurately reflects my value to an online business, however as I've just set up on my own I'm extra keen to get clients on board so I am currently offering a special start up price.

If you take advantage of this offer and stay with me your loyalty will be rewarded as I will not increase the hourly rate charged on my first 20 clients.

The first hour each month is only £25 and £20 for each subsequent hour. Therefore a typical PPC management service with me would cost in the region of £200 - £400 per month.

It is not my intention to ever charge a percentage of your advertising spend, as other management services do, as this just encourages me to raise your advertising budget.

I pride myself on reducing clients monthly advertising spend whilst at the same time increasing conversions and I want that to continue.

What is Pay Per Click?

If you are unsure about PPC or have any questions you were too scared to ask you may find the answers in this "beginners guide" video.

You can also read the full article here.