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Here at Ditso we have several Premium Domains available for sale.

As we are a UK based company we specialise in selling ".CO.UK" domain names to small to medium sized businesses as well as private individuals who are looking for a great online presence to raise their brand image.

See our current stock here at

We also sell great "Keyword" domain names for those looking to open an eCommerce website or Amazon affiliate website to earn a passive income.

Buying a great domain name gives you the chance to invest in your business and give your website the best possible advantage by having a domain name that offers some of the following advantages.

Why Buy a Premium Domain?

Buying a domain that has previously been registered by someone else and has some age to it affords it a certain amount of gravitas that a brand new domain name can't offer.

Some are "keywords" that are searched for in large numbers on search engines such as Google each month allowing you the opportunity to tap into those potential visitors to your website.

Some are excellent brand names or just easy to remember.

We are offering you the chance to secure a hugely popular domain name that otherwise you would be unable to register.

Currently Available (Link Here)

Own this domain name, it would be great to use as a fan website etc. 

Only £ 195  (Link Here)

For all your Kitchen Mat needs. Terrific Amazon affiliate website generating passive income. 

Only £ 395 (Link Here)

If you are a garage or a work from home or on the drive mechanic then this a great name. 

Only £ 295 (Link Here)

Great e-Commerce or Affiliate website possibilities. 

Only £ 995 (Link Here)

This domain name is very competitively priced now but if he becomes Manchester United's new manger the price will increase tenfold.

Only £395 (Link Here)

If you are or want to be the biggest and best Domain selling website in the UK then what better name could you buy?

Only £ 9,995 (Link Here)

Currently a successful affiliate website selling Pillow and Cushion covers, bedding etc. Could make a great online business for someone. 

There are currently up to 10,000 searches per month on Google for the term "pillow cover" not to mention other closely related keywords. It is a ready to go business. Work from home could easily be run as a 2nd income or Part Time job. 

Only £695 (Link Here)

This search term "insurance for businesses" is searched for thousands of times over the course of a month and people are paying between £10 - £20 per click to advertise on related keywords in this niche via Google Adwords.

Only £ 95 (Link Here

Currently turning over in excess of £1,000 per week in sales plus affiliate deals and advertising revenue.

Price on Application (Link Here)

Fantastic name for an online Phone Shop. 

Only £ 195

Great, easy to remember name for an online car parts website. So if you fancy tapping into the auto-spares market this could be for you.

Only £95

If you are in the overhead gantry crane or mobile crane business this offers you the chance to set up a generic crane website to report on all things crane related

Only £95 (Link Here)

This website is up and running and has some affiliate deals in place so it is currently earning a passive income over up to £200 per month. 

Only £1,995 (Link Here)

 Easy to remember brand name for a UK mortgage website. Would ideally suit a Mortgage brokerage or firm of Financial Advisers. This website is currently earning a passive income via affiliate schemes and onsite advertising. 

Only £195 (Link Here)

Great Domain name for a cricket website. If you Love Cricket this is the domain name for you.

Only £ 95 (Link Here

18 year old domain name from well established company. Loads of links pointing to it and Google rates it as an authority website. 

Only £ 195 (Link Here

Averaging close to 100,000 searches on Google each month in the UK for the search term "bunk beds" this domain name has potential like no other if you're in the Bunk Beds business.  

Every British company should have a domain name because 80% of UK online customers prefer them for safety and trust reasons when searching online.

Please note we are just about to start developing this website as an Amazon affiliate website and once it starts generating an income the price will increase. 

Only £795

Only £195 (Link Here)

This website is over 12 years old and is ranked highly for several pension keyword search terms. Currently just displaying Adsense but this website has generated hundreds of pension and annuity rate leads over the years.

Only £295

Only £95

Only £295



New Arrivals

NB: This list does change on a regular basis.