Content Writing

Whether you run a website, blog or run a business online, there is one golden rule that needs to remembered…...content is king.

Everyone has done it as some stage; searching for news, information or advice, a hopeful click to a site leads to a couple of brief and unhelpful paragraphs that reveal nothing, except that the owner hasn't bothered to add any detail to the site and all that follows is a hasty click of the back button and off to pastures new.

Don’t let this be your site, don’t miss out on traffic, don’t miss out on a sale and don’t miss out on allowing your fan base to grow.

Filling your site with content is one thing but it also needs to be of high quality if you want to keep visitors engaged and ensure that they visit again...and again...and again.

Almost as bad as little or no content is a surfeit of poorly written, rambling, padded nonsense that will once again lead to the back button receiving a dispirited and frustrated click. Keep your content tight, punchy and informative and avoid falling into the common trap of having stuff on your site just for the sake it. People will soon tire of having to wade through irrelevant paragraphs trying to find the actual things that they are after.

However, writing content takes time, time that not everyone has. So what do you do? Ask a friend maybe? Burn the midnight oil and do it yourself? That might work but it pays to use experienced, quality writers to help give some texture and structure to your site.

Writing may seem easy but if you aren't used to it, aren't sure how to use keywords and SEO friendly phrases to get you listed near the top of the Google search listings or just aren't too confident in your style or ability then hiring a web content professional makes obvious sense.

You can relax and focus on the site and allow a writer to take the strain and provide the high quality work that will help your site come alive and generate the traffic you’re after. Even long-standing and traffic heavy sites will use guest feature writers and use external writers to keep their sites moving and providing the latest and best information. So for a new, growing or recently established site it’s a near must if you want to get your name recognised.


David Griffiths


David has a host of website success stories behind him. which he started in 2008 is one of the highest ranked websites on Goggle for anything "Driving in France" or "Motorcycling in France" related.

He also has a personal blog for his hobby which is poker and sports betting. This blog that he just started as a bit of fun is now one of the best rated in that niche.

The success of both is down to just one thing. The great content that he writes.