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Introducing Ditso

Ditso is a Website Marketing company specialising in Search Engine Rankings, Content Writing, Social Media, Pay per Click, Affordable Website Design and the Sale of valuable Domain names.


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Ways to increase your websites productivity.

A) Search Engine Rankings

Ditso can help with getting your website listed higher up in Google and other search engines using 100% ethical methods.

B) Social Media

Linked to search engine rankings is social media because in today's digital world you cannot expect to just have a website and thinks that's enough for an online presence in today's marketplace.

Your company needs to be an "Online Brand".

So that means a uniform approach across not just your website but also Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ etc. Your Search Engine positions can be greatly enhanced with the correct social media approach.

C) "Mobile Friendly" Website Design

In April 2015 Google is launching a major change to the way its search engine decides which websites get shown towards the top of the list’s when people are searching.

This will potentially impact every website on the internet. If your website is not “Mobile Friendly” it will almost certainly be penalised.

Google knows that a huge amount of searching gets carried out on mobile phones, tablets etc and therefore they are placing increasing importance on sending people to websites that are going to look good on a hand held device.

Check your website here:

Mobile Friendly Free Test

If your website is not up to the required standard then this is going to start having an effect on your websites rankings from April onwards.

Speak to us today about switching your website to a "New Mobile Friendly" web design. Allow us to bring you right up to date, and get your website performing as it should.


D) Paid Search (Pay Per Click)

There are lots of PPC “experts” in the world but few with real flare and the ability to think outside the box. At Ditso we are proud to say that we don’t just improve people’s PPC campaigns we electrify them.

Any PPC consultant can help you set up basic campaigns and have them running competently and if that’s what you want then there are plenty to choose from. However if you hire Ditso.com you can be assured our no-holds-barred techniques will instantly transform your PPC profitability.

Content Writing

We can write great content for your website or blog so see the content writing page here.

Contact Us

We are confident our expertise in all the above areas can help to boost your income from your online endeavours.

So if you would like to chat about any aspect of Website Marketing please "contact us".

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